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Mocha Rose Botanical Skincare is an all-inclusive skin type skincare brand. We specialize in offering skincare solutions that are clinically proven to transform all skin types by way of improving major skin conditions without compromising health. We use only the best and safest concentrations of botanical extracts, natural antioxidants, and organically sourced ingredients. Always cruelty-free. Our skincare products are free of parabens, fillers, and harsh chemicals.


Inclusivity of Skincare : With careful research of ingredient usage across skincare lines, we have found that there is a lack of ingredient focus for Fitzpatrick skin types 4 - 6. These skin types require higher concentrations of ingredients that safely promote hydration, pH balance, and even skin tone. We offer progressive skincare products that are safe and effective for all skin types.)

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Education is Power. Through skincare education and tools, we strive to help identify skin types, skin conditions, and appropriate product use and treatment in order to achieve optimal skincare goals and outcomes.


Science + Nature. We use higher concentration of grade - A botanical and organically sourced ingredients that are clinically designed to reach deeper into the skin for a more dramatic improvement of skin concerns and conditions.

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Clean Beauty. We take pride in knowing that our products do not compromise your health. Product safety and your health is our top priority. Our products are cruelty free and do not contain any parabens, toxins, or harsh chemicals.

Meet Richelle Hill RN, BSN, MBA, LE.

New Orleans born and raised. Richelle always had a passion for beauty and wellness. Her love for beauty was fostered by her childhood spent in her mother’s hair salon. Shortly after completing her military career in the United States Army and amid the passing of her beloved sister, Asia, she was compelled to become a registered nurse that will allow her to care for others through the promotion of health and wellness.

After graduating from Georgia Southern University Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program and practicing in the healthcare system for over a decade, Richelle decided to pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship by marrying her passion for beauty and health in order to create health and wellness focused beauty brands that are also hubs for consumer education.

She later when on to obtain her MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management at AIU and Esthetics license in the State of Georgia. With her medical and educational background, clinical practice and skills, she opened Asia Rose Spa, a holistic beauty spa facility located in the City of Atlanta in February of 2019. After receiving an overwhelming response from Asia Rose Spa’s diverse, multi-cultural clientele, in regard to finding and using the best natural home skincare products, Richelle then developed Mocha Rose Botanical Skincare.